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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

Mike Haft wrote: View Post
You done trolling now? I have better things to do than respond to this kind of crap to be honest but I thought you might appreciate a response. If you want anything else try a PM, you never know I might reply.
Taking this from a diplomatic perspective (wow, I can't believe I used that word) I think Mark's pov stems from the fact that maybe its not readily availble, and what information is available is scant and not directly taught.
That doesn't mean that there are exceptions. Maybe you got lucky
I was on a thread at MAP (which I consider the lowest of the low as far as forums go :-D) and I was surprised to fish out some valuable info from one of the posters there about how he trained his "cross".
Funny thing is, he even said that the training was "too hard" so he rarely has his students do it, and he runs across a lot of high ranking dan peeps that have NO idea about some of these basic physiological properties. And that's not even getting into all the fun stuff involving power releases etc.

I think its good that the frustration comes out and people argue. The only people that drop out with a huff are people that weren't really driven to find what they don't have, or they already got all the goods and they stand back to have a good laugh at us teenageers bickering amongst ourselves
Somehow I find the latter less likely.

Its all in good fun, even if you get the occasional w"#$"ker like... oh wait I'm supposed to keep it clean, so I'll refrain from posting names
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