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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

Joshua Reyer wrote: View Post
「...とうとう力比べをすることになってしまったんです。『ぢゃ僕は坐っているから、天竜さん押して下さい。遠慮しないでもいいですよ。』と押させたんですが、僕の方に は、合気の秘法があるからビクもしない...」

My translation:

" last we ended up having a contest of strength.
'Well, I'll sit down, so you push me, Tenryu-san. You don't have to hold back!' I said and had him push me, but because I had the secret (methods) of Aiki, I didn't move an inch."

秘法 hihou, "the secret, secret method", is a nice loaded term. In general it refers to any secret methods of anything. Unlike gokui or ogi, two terms often translated as "secret" which refer to an essentially hidden nucleus, hihou refers to methods which are specifically not shown to other people. ... he's referring to methods which he was in no mood to teach openly and explicitly, particularly to a large organization like the Aikikai. An organization which he was originally opposed to in the first place.
Back to that interview again. So, should we presume he divulged this to Saito at Iwama , and not to the Aikikai, proper ?


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