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Re: Shikko, toes, ouch!

[quote= I have a nice big bump on top, right behind the big toe joint. [/QUOTE]

I have something similar that happened when I hyper-flexed my foot when I was taking a funky fall. I planted my foot and didn't go anywhere but down when things buckled.

I did some research and spoke to a trainer. We believe I have turf toe.

I know I have to keep from using it (basically doing back falls and rolls, putting weight on it while bending the toes), but that is better said than done.

Question: I am still do light training, but need to tape it. I could not find a post to help with that. Would anyone have any suggestions on taping strategies? Right now I am taping it so it doesn't bend upwards. Not much support for the side...need ideas for that.

Thanks Gobs!
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