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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu

The only thing I will add to this thread, from a background as a police officer, defensive tactics trainer, SWAT member, and combatives instructor, is that Don and Kevin are exactly right.

BJJ is a godsend for the modern police officer both in controlling grounded suspects and defending against assaults that go to clinch and ground. I have done so repeatedly against various suspects under various conditions, and trained and seen others do the same.

Trained properly with "real life" in mind, BJJ will make it harder for people to gain control of you on the ground, let alone even get to a position where they can hurt you, make it far easier for you to get up off the ground (like when "his buddies" start coming toward you), and easier for you to access weapons and prevent an attacker from doing so.

It takes very little to adapt many of the same skills used on the competition mat for weapons based situations.

Indeed, I've found that it often seems like that is what the art was originally intended for when you start practicing that way. Many might be surprised how much "classical" jujutsu or even "aiki" comes out when you start training weapon retention or knife defense with a BJJ skill base.

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