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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu

Mike wrote:

even if you are the one who ends up on top bashing away or you get a sub from the guard,you are dead if you are training to defend yourself against someone who might be armed or have back up.Ever notice how vulnerable mma fighters are to Big John Mcarthy when he decides the fight is over
Hence why I have a big poster on my wall that says "the winner of a hand to hand fight is the guy whose buddy shows up first with a gun."

St Pierre, Loiseau? What do ya think we are going to believe what a couple of guys with last names like that say... eh?

c'est la vie!

Guard is not an optimal fighting position. Don and I both I think have said this. It simply is a position that is preferable to other positions if you are on the ground with someone on top. Watch lots of fights on youtube, see how many people naturally will end up in the guard.

MMA./UFC is a sport. In the early ones Royce and Co. dominated with the guard because no one knew how to use it, and exploit it. Today, it is not so. In an UFC situation, it is about equal these days, still preferable than being in the mount or in side control though. Ground and pound is a viable option in the ring.

I need to get the video up on you tube of my last competition in January in the European BJJ Championships, which I lost due to the fact that I am NOT a good BJJ player and went for the guard and got past to side control, (2 points for the guy that passed it). I would have been better off at NOT establishing the guard and letting him have the side control as it would have been no points, yet be my training, you never allow someone to have this position.

I also don't jump guard in practice, however my coach Jacare and I talked about this at the Europeans and he said it was a viable strategy in tournament if you have a good guard game.

Point is, don't confuse sport BJJ with the ability to adapt these things to reality. The fact is, I am a much better, well rounded fighter for understanding the Mount, Side Control, and the Guard.

In everyone of my combatives classes someone will bring up gouges, bites etc. I say, okay lets roll a few minutes without them, then lets roll with them, I will let you do whatever you want, however, I get to do them too. I have yet to have any takers once they realize the magnitude of what the abiity to dominate has on the effectiveness of these tools. Does not mean they are not effective, but the are a constant factor in every fight. Both fighters have the tools and it requires little skill to use them, however, the ones that can dominate the fight have the advantage of being able to use them effectively whereas the other poor guy is usually trying to just prevent damage to himself, not attack back.

Same with weapons. Look at the dog brothers if you want an Idea in video of how to properly train with weapons if you are serious about it.

Bottomline, fighting skills with empty hand and blunt objects,and knifes require many, many skills and many, many different layers of methodology to train properly.

I as many have found that developing a foundation in the basics of body control and dominance, closing the distance, acheiving the clinch, and ground grappling to be a good base to expand upon with other skills such as weapons.

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