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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu


Thanks for replying back with more info.

The situations you discuss are good ones. Bouncers develop strategies (tactics) for bouncing, police officers develop strategies (tactics). For both in a controlled situation, which 99% of the time they will remain in, they would not jump on their back and pull guard and go to the ground. Ground fighitng in this respect is simply a skill they may not need.

However, it does not mean that they cannot go to the ground. So for them to discount basic grappling skills would not be prudent IMO.

Does that mean they need to develop 5 guard sweeps,and 5 submissions? Not at all, they simply need to be able to control the guard, or simply reverse the mount to protect themselves for 15 to 20 seconds until their buddy can come along and remove the assailant.

So, yes, in affect on does not really need to develop a killer ground game to be martially effective.

In fact, I train soldiers for 5 days prior to going downrange, I have a down and dirty instruction period that we teach them very, very basic things. Our scenarios only have them rolling for 15 seconds to drive the point home. I also have a large banner on the wall that says. "the winner of a hand to hand fight is the guy whose buddy shows up with a gun first."

Don Magee is all over it. ALL over it. THIS is the proper way to train for this stuff. It is exactly how we train in my dojo.

It is not about aikido, nor bjj it not what those arts can do. It is what you can do and what you train for. It is about aliveness. Add that into your training, then you can begin to understand the ranges and dynamics as they apply.

BJJ and Aikido offer us a very good basis to train with within two ranges. add in aliveness, and then you can use these methodologies to develop your mind and the skills necessary to understand the applications of what we learn in these arts.

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