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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu

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Mike, BJJ is a grappling sports/art. It works best in a given scenario i.e., one-on-one, padded mat, no interference from lava, broken glass etc and no multiple opponents."

Lava, LOL, I love bullshido also, it is freakin hillarious

"Aikido work best when the opponent is so enraged and blind with fury, he lost all rationality that he/she comes charging at you without scant regards to his safety or anyone else. He/She forgot about distancing or balancing."

So does everything else becasue I guy who does that doesn't know his a** form his elbow.

I see both arts as specialization in their own zone. They both work... in their context.

I agree. Bjj is great for taking down and tapping out bangers( boxers, kickboxers, etc) whereas aikido techniques are good for throwing guys who are trying to kill you with a weapon or trying to blind you and neuter you empty handed while doing their best to prevent you from doing it to them first.
I am really perplexed by this talk of begging for your life and AK 47 jutsu when attacked by a group. Obvioulsy if you can't defend yourself against one guy in a sparring situation(most aikidoka I have encountered) forget about realistic multiple attacker defence, but even an average guy can keep a group of unarmed attackers at bay with just a knife! It causes them to attack differently(the point of training wrist grabs) even if you just act like you might have one on you and they haven't even seen it yet.
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