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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

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I am wondering why this discussion about -aikido- got banished to the new "Non-Aikido" forum. I can understand why the Baseline Skillset thread was plopped here, because it has so much reference to Chinese arts, but it's puzzling how a topic that explores the history and mysteries of the internal part of aikido would be considered "non-aikido."
Ugh. I just noticed the new forum. Yuck. "Non-Aikido"?!?

All this talk about if and how these things apply to Aikido and it ends up in "Non-Aikido"? No one coming to AikiWeb will put *ANY* faith at all in what is being said here as being part of Aikido.

Jun, many thanks for having this great site. But, is there some other name that can be used? Even, "Non-Traditional Aikido" would be better. Something other than "Non-Aikido", as that finalizes all debate and informs everyone reading that the matters discussed in this forum do not belong in Aikido. Even "Open Discussions" was a better place.

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