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Greg Jennings
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Originally posted by Dean H.

Sorry for the delay in responding.
I am new to everything, so I can't
really teach anything!

OK, Share. I really enjoy the structure of the Yoshinkan way of doing things. A lot of work has gone into it as a teaching method and I'd be stupid to not capitalize on it.


Next month, on the 19th and 20th,
Blok Shihan will be in our dojo for
a Yoshinkan seminar. Please join
us if you can. We have some exciting
tests that weekend, too, I believe:
one Nidan, two Shodan, and many others.
I'll certainly consider it. I'd be a fish out of water.


As for Sombo, that is a blast, a really
good work out. I know a few guys who
really mix up Sombo, Judo, and Ju-jitsu
with a sprinkling of wrestling thrown
in. Two of them are very good. I am a beginner, but have lots of fun.
I'm very interested in how certain positions in aikido can transpose into more "down and dirty" grappling techniques (usually when I screw something up).

I think that it's worked out such that you haven't met Paul Cox. He has a shodan in a jujutsu style and trains every so often with a competitive grappler. Somehow last night (a night with a lot of honest resistance...I'm very sore today!), we ended up in a position where I unthinkingly transposed into one of those side chokes with an arm inside and choked him out.

For me, personally, I think it's a fruitful area of exploration. I just have to be careful as to what I label "Aikido" and what I label "fun stuff on the side".


Greg Jennings
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