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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Dan Wrote:
I have only asked directed questions toward some of the more profound claims. such as martial effectiveness, that goes unanswered or undefined. I think they are reasonable questions.
Rob John, did step up a little bit and demonstrate some of how he sees it applicable. He also has not stepped out into the same area of claims that you have.
From all I have heard many that I have respected have come on line and said, they appreciate what they have seen and experienced and think that it will add value to their training.
There is a huge gap between that and words thrown around liberally such as martial effectiveness, MMA will evolve to this next level...etc. All I ask is HOW do you know this? HOW do you define effective? Why haven't we seen this in the UFC?

All reasonable and logical questions based on the some of the things that have been illuded to or outright presented.

That is all I am asking.

If not, please stick to telling us how we can better incorporate the skills into our current training without all the other flak and garbage that tends to confuse and rouse emotions.

I understand that it is probably a feeling thing, something that has to be experienced though.
I have answered you over and over you don't want to here it. Your teacher pursued me- now you are. There are hundreds of folks who know me, Kevin. I suggest you consider your credibility in pursuing me like this. You're not coming off very well.
If you really weren't on an agenda you'd not use the words to me you use. Like calling me ignorant, I don't understand distance or weapons, now "flak and garbage" and questioning over and over my martial effectiveness. And If I'm goaded to a strong response,you can tell everyone -I'M- the bad guy
Really Kevin? Really?
Is that where you want to go with me.
We trained MMA style and have for 16 years when I was training these skills- I was training fighting skills,actually from back in high school Its all I've ever done pup.
Do I really care if you want to be a mini Sorrintino (your teacher) and call me out yet again? We all know how empty that was. Jim was are you. If you are -honestly- curious you can at least ask the few guys from here who tried to freestlye throw me these last two weekends ...that is if you honestly care to hear their repeated opinion.
Respond here why you ignored their report about martial effectiveness_________________________________________

And Leave Rob out of this. He has limtied grappling experience and he has only been training this for three years.

Why isn't it in the UFC Are you kidding, Kevin.
Just when I have hope that you are being straight with me you ask these stupid questions. Since we both know you're not stupid-then please stop treating me like I am. These skills are not to be found anywhere in depth. And you have to both believe in them and then go train them to find them. To say they are not there yeat means they have no worth is so transparant I'm embarrased -for- you. I mean at least insult me with a finer argument..please.
As for internals in MMA Cartmell is, Rob is, I am, and I personally know of a 6' 9" CMA guy with these skills-who is a friend of Lidell who is training to use them as well. Last time I checked no one gave a ______ about convincing Kevin Leavitt.
Be nice Kevin. Don't do this stuff. Just say you don't believe these skills have martial crossover. Although you can't see it- your embarrasing yourself and your teachers...again.

167th time to the mentally challenged
The skills are tailer made for AIki-do as the are the essence of aiki
These skills are tailer made for MMA as they impart great structural strength without flexation thus increasing sensitivity as well as great kicks and strikes. But they donlt teach you how to fight. You have to learn the skills and then learn how to fight. Two different topics.
This is where you ask for the 168th time
"Are they martialy viable? How?


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