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Although I find that this thread is getting to the point of being argumentative, I think Bruce raised an interesting issue.

Can you say you know how to avoid internal organ damage from repitition of certain joints/ pressure points?
This is very believable. How many of us truly know what kind of damage we're doing to someone by the constant application of our yonkyo's, nikyos, pins, etc etc? Although the only pressure point stuff i've ever done besides yonkyo has been from Dillman's book (what can I say... the only other source was Montagiue) , I believe some of my willing partners suffered stomach aches after constant practice on just the forearm pressure points.

What I'm trying to say is that there may be some merits to what Bruce is trying to say. How many of our instructors are well versed enough to counteract any negative side effects from our practice.

Aside from that... how in the world did chuck find a website about 24 fighting chickens?

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