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Re: 31 jo kata

Originally posted by kowey

How in the world do you wind up with left hand on top? I've sort of inserted a hand-switch between 7 and 8, but i'm betting there's something way more natural i could be doing.
I haven't read most of the posts, so pardon me please, but the order of doing things and the precise steps involved aren't really what's important (in my opinion and based on what I've read, etc etc.)
What's important is that each individual step is done correctly in it's own right, independently of the steps before and after it. You should search for a state where you're unconcious of the next step of the kata, that is not anticipating it.
Actually, if anybody succeeds in finding that state could they help me out and tell me where the hell it's hiding? I've been searching for over a year and nothing....

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