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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

Dan, no I am not. I did not even mention MMA in my post you responded to. You are the one that brought it into the equation. You threw the MMA card out there on the table. I am simply letting you play with it. So lets play with it.

Are you judging Aikido by an MMA criteria as the basis of martial effectiveness? Exactly what do you mean by MMA anyway. UFC rules? Pride rules? Modern Army Combatives rules? Dog Brothers rules?

Your confusion about my statments about Aikido perticularly and issue I have? I think Aikdo waza-was meant to be powered by internal skills. Without them ya aint got much. With them you can have a potent art
Define Potent art for me then we can have a discussion on this.

To me it is another way of saying martially effective.

We cannot discuss this intelligently until you define the criteria upon which you are judging aikido to be lacking.

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