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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

Now I'm confused
Are you stating that if Chuck beats Randy it nullifies MMA as method? Or If Jason beats me, or I him, it nullifies my argument that MMA is a superior method? Any and all combos prove my continual arguemtn about MMA.
MMA against Aikido? Proves my points again
I think your frustrated with me and once again sniping at me instead of my argument about MMA and Aikido?

Your confusion about my statements about Aikido in particular and issues I have?
I think Aikdo waza-was meant to be powered by internal skills. Without them ya aint got much. With them you can have a potent art. Gee.... that must be the hundreth time I've said that. Although I (personally-did you not read that? )haven't felt anyone IN Aikido with real internal skills- I trust the fellows who have told me its there. Which is why I have stated it must frustratiing for those who have admitted here their teachers got the stuff but don't openly teach it.
Seems clear to me. I think you're confusing my statements or not fully reading what I write.
Once again Kevin, and I thnk for the final time, I have stated I argue on two fronts; MMA and internal skills
Internal skills are a tremendous advantage. A hell of an edge. But they do not teach you how to fight.
MMA is the great equalizer of all things.
Both together are the best combo. While no method and no person is unstoppable either of those remain a serious edge.
Of both I'd count on MMA the most for fighting fighters
And Internal skills for most everyone else.

If we leave Aikido out of it it makes my postion clear.
Add Aikido back in and I revert back to a single position/ statement.
Aiki-do was created from the effect Daito ry Aiki had on Ukes. Ueshiba relaized he didn't need to draw-in-at-the-feet as in most koryu. That he could project out with DR Aiki. So using Takeda's Aiki...Ueshiba powered his vision of peace and he realized he could defend without cauing harm. Thus his statement that "Takeda opened my eyes to true Budo."

Its all so simple Kevin

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