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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

Dan wrote:

Well to do what you did to me on the Aiki'd thread...
I was asking Kevin a question about specific training as he does and agrees with the potency of MMA. It has not to do with an overall view

I could expand as it is my view -and have stated openly- that Aikido could once again be more potent then it is. But as you didn't bother answering my questions there I see no need here. Most of my questions go unanswered here anyway. But I continue to ask anyway.
So what is your question?

What do I TRAIN on and HOW do I TRAIN to be martially effective?

I have my own definition of martial effectiveness. Empty hand is but a small part of what I do in this area. What does it matter towards aikido what I do to train martial effectiveness.

by that definition, we'd have to change aikido to incorporate hand guns, close quarters marksmanship lots of things. Sounds kinda preposterous to bring these things into aikido.

To be able to answer your question Dan, I need you to adequately define what it is that aikido is failing to achieve in the generally accepted terms of how it is practiced throughout the world.

The difference between us is I don't presume to understand what everyone's goals of are in aikido to have cojones enough to say that it is lacking or failing to meet everyone's expectations.

Does aikido meet all my personal goals martially? No it does not. Neither does BJJ or anything else I study.

I don't believe that aikido needs a saviour Dan.

In order for me to answer your question, you must first adequately define the question. I am not going to assume that I understand your defintion of effectiveness. I see too many people fall into the trap of this logic and go down that rat hole of argument without fully considering the totality of what it means.

Once I understand a little better about what you consider to be effective, then we can start having an intelligent and productive conversation on this subject.

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