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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?


I don't think anyone here is claiming aikido's relevance in MMA or competition.

However, if you would like to meet on those terms, we should see about having an event in which you could adequately demonstrate your proficiency in MMA. It be great to have an event with say, Jason Delucia...he is in Mass.

On a personal note I've not had an Aikido technique of an kind succesfully used on me in so long I consider the point moot. No I'm not saying Aikido is no good, just these skills are far, far, better; both against aiki-do and (since they are the very foundation of aiki) aiki-do.
what ARE you saying above? that you have met no one that can use aikido skills on you....your skills are superior....not to say that aikido is no good. seems like a HUGE contradiction to me. I am confused once again as to what your point concerning aikido really is?

As far as teachers. I suppose I have been one of the rare, fortunate ones, that have had good teachers and models to follow. They have taught me alot. Apparently you have personal issues you need to work out with your teachers in the past. Why is it that you feel so ripped off from them and so bitter towards them?

I don't agree with everything my Karate instructor taught me, but I did take away alot from him.

I don't agree with everything Saotome sensei says...but I took alot away from him. Same with Jimmy, Bob, Steve Van Fleet, Jacare, and the rest....I learned something from all of them..still do.

It has stood the test of actual use in my career and my life.

Dan, you have some issues...serious ones in respect to teachers and martial arts in general.

There is a reason that most people in the martial arts suck.
By whose standard are we judging? Your standard? Who defines sucks? My definition of suck is failure to recognize their own shortcomings and deal with them. Failure to have introspection.

With this definition you'd define a guy with cerebral palsy that did aikido as sucking right? even though, he is doing the best he can with his attitude and body.

If by suck, you are talking martial effectiveness, then how do you define that? I have been trying to get you to define it. Not from an internal or external perspective...but by what you consider effective?

What is your definition of martial effectiveness and what do you consider to pass your judgement of good and NOT sucking?

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