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Paul Clark
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If you're looking for a way to "study" outside of class, learn the Japanes names, and refresh/reinforce your memory of techniques, try this iwama-ryu website for a teaser:

Click the "Test Requirements AVIs" like on the lower left. These are (most of) the techniques required for testing at our dojo for the first few tests, so may be ideal for you. There's a video clip of each technique that you can watch as many times as you like. Please note as someone says above, be careful of what style you're studying. These demos are all Iwama-ryu.

If that whets your appetite, Click the "Instructional CDs" link in the upper right corner. The 4 CD set can be had for about $80, and has video clips of hundreds of techniques of taijutusu, bukiwaza, and oyowaza, as well as a more complete set of test clips through ikkyu. A rough approximation of Saito sensei's whole Takemusu Aikido book series, but in full color and motion.

I sympathize with you, I had the same itch when I started. Hope this helps you scratch it.

gambatte kudasai
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