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Nicholas Kiritz
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Re: Kensho Furuya Sensei Passes Away

I have known Furuya Sensei since the mid-1980's. He was
-a great scholar of all things old and Japanese,
-an authority on swords and swordsmanship (including a 6th dan in Battodo, which
he ceased to publicly acknowledge about 10 years ago, since he said the art was
taken over by Yakuza),
-an extremely devoted exponent of orthodox martial arts technique and training methods,
-and a very entertaining storyteller and writer (see Kodo: Ancient Ways).

He was much more connected than most of us with the rest of the martial arts community,
having written columns, appeared in magazines and television and been personal friends
with many big names including Jackie Chan.

He was a Zen priest and an inveterate gossip - and always enjoyable company.

He was my friend and instructor in both aikido and zen. I only wish that I had
had the opportunity to study his knowledge of the Japanese sword - his true passion.

Please join me in a moment of Shikan-taza (just sitting zazen) for this remarkable

Warmest regards,
-Nick Kiritz
Instructor, Aikido Shobukan Dojo
Chief Instructor, Georgetown University Aikikai

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