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Re: Kensho Furuya Sensei Passes Away

My deepest condolences to Furuya sensei's students and friends.

What a true martial arts scholar and role model.

I watched his videos to the point of completely wearing them out and have read his book, Kodo: Ancient Ways, many times.

I had the wonderful opportunity to train at his dojo a few times, take instruction from him, and even have lunch with him that lasted many hours as we spoke one on one about many things. The highlight for me was after lunch when he encourged me to keep training saying that I have "great talent and great potential in Aikido". Wow.

I am so very happy to have met him and have that memory. How lucky are his students who have so many more memories to cherish and keep in their heart.

Let's all try to live up to his ideal of a martial artist; especially Aikidoists. This will insure that his spirit never passes on.

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