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Re: Kensho Furuya Sensei Passes Away

The following was just posted on the Aikido-Iaido-Kodo mailing list.

Yesterday evening, while observing the advanced Aikido class in the Aikido Center of Los Angeles, Kensho Furuya Sensei collapsed suddenly and without warning. He was taken to the hospital, but did not regain consciousness, and passed away. Sensei was in his dojo, among his friends and students, and was in good spirits in his final moments. He passed quickly, and did not appear to suffer.

ACLA students will be getting together at the dojo this evening at 6:30 p.m. Reverend Kojima of the Zenshuji Soto Zen Mission will be there to conduct a short service and to help with arrangements. Further details will be made public after this evening's meeting.

Many thanks to everyone for their support and understanding.

-- Bill Allen
-- 2nd Dan, Aikido Center of Los Angeles

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