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Ai symbol Re: Poll: How "peaceful" do your dojomates feel during your regular aikido training?

Wow, what an excellent subject. My teacher, Okimura Shihan is always emphasizing the importance of peaceful practice. We are told to treat our dojo and practice time as a sanctuary. We are told that we should leave the frenzy of the day off the mat and reconnect with our spiritual center. The techniques we practice reenforce this. The methodology of practice times reenforce this. The opening and closing exercises reenforce this. The level of discipline and etiquette expected at the dojo, and the dojo itself all lead to the same conclusion. That peaceful practice is the best human endeavour.

O'Sensei once said that Aikido is the Way of Reconciling the World. Harmony, Inclusion, Respect and Peace are some of what I believe that statement means. Aiki is literally the way of harmonizing energy or loving energy. How can we love (keiko) when we are not at Peace? How can we commune (offer) to the Almighty Creator when we are not at Peace? How can we receive (ukemi) the Vision of Eternity when we are not at Peace?
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