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Geoff Flather
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Re: When you bow do you worship or just...

Greetings to you all,

Surely Jesus taught us to be reverent in secret, ie to pray in our inner chamber. Not to be seen to be reverent in public. In which case the class "rei" or " Sensei ni Rei " is only what you as an individual choose to make it. As a Christian it is our normal intent to be creative and in harmony. The God that I worship would not concern himself with a sign of human togetherness. It is more important that we know God, not overly concern ourselves with accepted formal outward actions. It is not how large the list of our good works are that will please God, but our knowledge of Him. As a teacher I have no quarrel with anyones choice of opening a class of martial arts. I have always allowed those who felt a need to show their expresion as their personal right. Wouldn`t any Aikido Sensei or Instructor following a path of harmony accept your personal issues on this subject ?

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