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Robert Schuster
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Thumbs down Thanks for all the support

Thanks to all of you replying! I will definately keep with it, it's just as I said that some days I do a technique with 1 uke then when we switch partners I am dumbfounded! I know I will not master it in a month ,year or decade, I just can't belive that from day to day, I can't even remeber the footwork!I really love the fact that Aikido is so non-competetive and peaceful, but I just have alot of trouble getting the basic things down.I just feel as if the styles and stances that I have practiced for years are a hinderence and interfere more with my training than the folks who walk in w/o any martialarts background. The rank doesn't bother me at all ,I just know in my heart alot of this isn't sinking in yet.Thats where the frustration sets in. I will concentrate my effort and be glad to be training and hopefully I will be 1 with my mind! Thanks guys!

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