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Re: Getting very discouraged, need your help.

A few things:

1) As others have said, don't take Bullshido too seriously. There are some really knowledgeable, tough and competent people on the site and LOTS of wannabes looking for attention (even met and trained with both varieties in person). I used to participate quite a bit over there, but kind of got tired of having the same discussion every month regarding the next couple of points.

2) You'll get out of aikido what you put into it. If being able to use it effectively in different environments is a concern, then go visit and work out with other arts/sports (judo, boxing, bjj, etc.) You'll probably learn something, hopefully have a good time and get a better idea of what type of practice you most enjoy. Because at the end of the day, you really ought to enjoy your training (even if it is challenging, frustrating, something you obsess about, etc. -- that's all part of it if you want to be good). Ultimately, you may decide that something else works better for you, but at least then you'll be basing it off of your own experiences rather than what some website tells you (this also applies to my own post here and most likely this thread ).

3) Any endeavor that is difficult will require some sacrifice and will likely have moments of success and failure. Learning to work through and learn from both types of events is going to be critical no matter what art or path you study. Never assume just because you practice aikido/bjj/gun kata that it makes you tough or even a worthwhile human being. Likewise, never assume that because you attended the Internal Skills Master/UFC Champion's school or seminar that it necessarily means you've got anything worth to offer. That type of thing doesn't get decided by your "collection" or "association".

In other words, don't assume (if you study BJJ) because your teacher once tapped a Gracie in an MMA match or (if you study Aikido) that Ueshiba dodged bullets with his eyes closed -- that you'll be able to do the same thing - ever .

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