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Re: Getting very discouraged, need your help.

Ok. Guys thanks for all your thoughts. I must say that we are not a soft style and do all our techniques in a real martial way. The sensei does treat our school as a martial school and had experience in other arts in the past (wrestling, Karate / kick boxing). We are by no means what you’d consider aiki fruities and pretty well all students feel that their training is martially effective. I hope that I did not give anyone the opinion that our school in any way was of the aiki fruity type.

When we do our techniques, we do them in a way that they are effective and often painful. I don’t really have any doubts that when performed properly the technique will be effective and I actually encourage tori/sensei to do the techniques realistically on me so that I feel some pain or lock before I submit and get a good stretch. I also perform the techniques in the same manner. I don’t like cheating these things and want to feel their effectiveness. The problem that I find in my short journey so far is how difficult it is to get into the technique in a random type attack and when there is resistance or countering from the uke. This quite simply may just be a matter of training more in this and thats what I’ll focus on doing.

Like others have mentioned, I too have days when it feels like everything goes almost perfectly and I feel my techniques are effective and smooth. There are days when I feel like nothing is working and I have learned nothing. Sometimes perhaps things seem worse than they really are just because of our mood or the way we feel that day. Yesterday was a bad day for me and combined with all the reading I have recently done just made me doubt my training and myself.I guess I just do too much reading and worrying about these things lately and it just started to spill out.

I consider myself a realist and realistically I have not tested my skills, thats all. I am not in this to beat people up, fight competitively, be unbeatable or a superman that can kick anyones ass. Lets face it I have grown up by now and those things just don’t interest me and people who have egos like that always came across to me as idiots. Becoming the toughest guy out there does not interest me in the least.

Thanks again for all your suggestions and thoughts. I have made a decision. I’ll be staying at my Dojo, training more and reading bullshido less.

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