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Sadistic Senseis

Hey any of you have any experience with sadistic senseis? I have had plenty of them, when i mean sadistic, i mean it in a good endearing way(if that's possible).

For example, when Fujita Shihan sensei came and visited he did a variation of sankyo on me and said something to the equivalent of "Now let's go for a walk!" and walked me across the dojo while i was writhing in pain and then with a hearty laugh gave me one hell of a throw.

My Sensei and his family is no exception. I always remember their suwari waza kokyu ho practices where they throw you and pull you up and then throw you before you even fully get up. So it's like u're this rag doll being yanked and thrown yanked and thrown and before you know it u're panting as if u're run the marathon. And all the while they'll be laughing and barking, ' faster faster! '. I don't know what that training was for at all hahaha.
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