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Re: Getting very discouraged, need your help.

Michael Fooks wrote: View Post
actually no, I"m sorry but that's just not accurate. You may wish to run an argument that there is something called "mental aliveness" and that it can be effective or whatever. But to claim that substituting menatal aliveness for a fully resisting training partner is consistant with what Thornton says, is just plain wrong.
Whoa! I made no such claim...

I said two quite separate things.... well 3.
1. Aliveness isn't just physical - it's also a mental attitude... as I perceive it.

2. I find nothing inconsistent with what Thornton says regarding aliveness training - physical or otherwise. IMO, aliveness training is a good thing... irrespective.

3. HOW you CHOOSE to incorporate what Thornton says is up to you.

Obviously, and unless you're a trained monkey... you are going to have to make your own judgment call on the level of aliveness, fully-resisting training, and safety. But at no point did I claim or even suggest that any sort of substitution was in order, or even consistent.

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