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Re: what makes a test great

[quote=Eric Webber;170084]When looking at a test and gauging whether it is a great test or not I look at two things: the level of the test and the candidate. On a 6th kyu test, I want to see very careful and controlled excution of technique rather than attempts to "make it work." QUOTE]

This is of great relief to read. With my impeding 6th kyu test in a month (I'm assuming here) I have been wondering what exactly is expected of me at this point. I know what techniques I will have to demonstrate but I have not been sure if it would be permissible to go as slowly as I do when training, or if we are expected to perform at a realistic speed. In my 2 months I have not seen anyone be tested so I guess I am just still a bit lost.

Can anyone else share their expectations for 6th kyu testing?
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