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Re: Top Ten Reasons you STAY with Aikido

Krystyna McGurk wrote: View Post
i started aikido to learn how to turn my brother's technique against him (i think he believes little sister to be a direct translation from perfect uke)

(oh yea, and from my first session i decreed that i wouldn't stop till i had hakama, and when i get them i swear i'll wear them for a week)
To Matthew everyone translates as perfect uke, including fiance (that'd be me for those who don't know, Krystyna's soon to be sister-in-law person thingy).

I dreamed of hakama then took a two year break, which brings me to my reason to stick with aikido, because coming back after a break really, really, really (10x really) hurts. I am not taking a break again, it hurts too much, and learning not to fear rolling on my left arm again is hard.
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