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Eric Webber
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Re: what makes a test great

When looking at a test and gauging whether it is a great test or not I look at two things: the level of the test and the candidate. On a 6th kyu test, I want to see very careful and controlled excution of technique rather than attempts to "make it work." I want to see a calm and slow appraoch to the exam to demonstrate a composed mind. By the time a candidate gets to 1st kyu, I like to see variety in technique, power with control, and some risk taking in the exam. I think that Shodan candidates should go back to basics, exhibiting basic form and tons of control, while still having a dynamic approach to movement. All test candidates should be aware of their uke's ability to take an amount of power in technique, and not wreck 'em just becasuse it's test time. If you want to prove how wrecking-machine-strong you are to your teachers and seniors, grab them after class and throw down.
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