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Wow... the thread actually had discussion. I feel so special now :-)

Greg and all, thanks very much. Having originally come from a Ki Aikido background, i am to happy hear that i was NOT deaf, i was NOT losing my mind, and there WAS such a thing as a 22 jo kata.

They seem to be the same in the beginning parts, though i do vaguely remember some bouncy bit on the step 6 pivot. I suspect a lot of extra steps are just clarification, like 1-2, we call 1, 3-4, we call 2 (1 and, 2 and). But i've only seem Ki Aikido jo kata all of one time, so don't count me as anything close to an authority.

Having practiced with keep my right hand in front on the #9 works tons more naturally, no need in insert random hand switches, so i'm pretty convinced it was just a typo. I suppose any further refinement, i'll ask sensei.



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