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Re: Aikido Transmission and Class Size

Chuck Clark wrote: View Post
Chris, I'm a heretic in the minds of many mainstream aikido folks, so file this statement in an appropriate place...

Really good judo and really good aikido (aikibudo, same same) are the the same.
We're on the same island there, the best aikido I think I've ever seen was Mifune Kyuzo. But much like the word aikido (or aikibudo) what I mean when I say, "judo" isn't necessarily what most people think of as judo these days. In overly simplified terms, judo and aikido (for us) is more about maai than anything else. If we're jacket to jacket -> it looks like judo, if we're at arms length -> it looks more like aikido. While the specific points of contact may differ, the total effect on uke should be similar whether one is doing osoto gari or tenchinage, uchi mata or ikkyo. In this way uke also learns what it feels like to really be thrown, and that level of control becomes expected whether or not you're grabbing at the shoulder or the wrist.

Hope that doesn't feel like thread drift, just trying to flush out our methodology a bit more.

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