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Originally posted by DeanMacBaine
Maybe some of you would like to help me. We are looking to design some T-shirts for our dojo and we would like to use a quote from O'Sensei or another prominent figure in the world of Aikido. So I am wondering what are some of your favorite quotes relating to the practice and the philosophy of Aikido?
Thanks in advance for your replies.
"In order to do ikkyo, first smash your opponent's face."
-- Ueshiba Morihei

"In order to weaken your enemy, first step inside and cut."
-- Ueshiba Morihei

"Standing in the mountain stream
I wonder
Why is it that no one can speak
As purely as water sounds on the stone."
-- Ueshiba Morihei

"When you instruct
Emphasize the strike and thrust
For all the secret teachings
Are found in these simple basics."
-- Ueshiba Morihei



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