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Re: Cross Discipline Training

I have always cross trained from the very first moment I stepped onto the floor.
At first the differences were confusing at best, I couldn't understand..except perhaps what was glaringly obvious. Over time though (I'm talking several years), on an innate level, I started to understand the differences..yet I also began to see the similarities.
My Sensei had always said "there are only so many ways the human body can move", I'm sure many people have heard that one before. So the lesson in that was, for each movement there are many variations within each principle.
I remember my Sensei asking me to demonstrate the differences between several styles of Aiki and Karate, using only one technique. I then had to explain the intention and energy distribution for each one....It was a very valuable lesson, and it has added an entirely new dimension to learning and teaching. Of course in Karate, I only practice Karate (except in Kumite, when I covertly sneak in an aiki technique) and vice versa when I'm in my Aiki class-I'll utilize my Karate atemi in randori.

There should be no fear if one choses to cross train, I only suggest that the cup remains empty when studying different disciplines.

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