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Re: Re: Re: 31 jo kata

Originally posted by kowey

Noted... i was trying to do the other way round.

Oh... really? Number 9 in the posted jo kata page says "you begin with L foot forward, L hand on top". Would that be a mistake, or a stylistic difference? I'll try seeing if that feels natural enough. Or maybe i'll just adopt the Fudebakudo-ryu techniques, probably way more compatible with my current state of Aikido anyway.

Thanks for the help.
Hi Eric,

o The 31 kata that we do is the standard across all Iwama dojo and many others. There are variations, but by-and-large, they aren't major.

o In the kata as we do it, step 9 is an ushiro barai. The hands are as in ken kamae. The hands transition from gaeshi tsuki kamae to ken kamae at step 5 and stay that way through the gyaku uchi at step 11. Step 12 is nothing but a swap of the hands from ken kamae to choku tsuki kamae.

o I'm as certain of this as I am that my name is "Greg".

o I've never seen a technique in any of the aiki-jo or aiki-ken that involves holding either as in ken kamae but with the right hand on the rear of the jo; i.e., with the hands swapped. That would be _weird_.

o The 31 kata that you're referring to might be different. If so, well, as the church lady said on SNL, "Never Mind".


Greg Jennings
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