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Originally posted by Mares
I was under the impression that O'Sensei left us with a jo kata. And inorder to help teach his students it was Saito Sensei who added the count in. I believe it was originally a 22 count jo kata, but overtime Saito Sensei found that his students learned it best as a 31 jo kata. I thought that was how it came about. Subsequently, I'd be interested to know if other styles of aikido adopt the 31 jo kata, or is it just an Iwama thing and perhaps Aikikai?

However, I could have my facts wong.
As Tony points out, I believe Saito Sensei says he's teaching the 31 kata as the Founder taught him. I've heard him say "...because we can't modify the 31 kata..." or similar.

I do remember him saying that the 13 jo kata was a part of a much longer kata but that he couldn't remember the rest of it.

I also remember him saying that he created the 10 kumijo. At first there were 7, then later he added three more.

My instructor never learned Saito Sensei's ken-tai-jo that is now being taught. I don't know if it was just never taught to him, hadn't been created yet, or just hadn't made it out "into the field" yet.

At any rate, we're debating whether to adopt them or to start on the ZNKR Jodo Seiteigata.


Greg Jennings
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