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Greg Jennings
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Re: Re: Re: 31 jo kata

Originally posted by Erik

Greg, I've seen the 31 kata done at least 31 different ways. Often it's something someone just changed around because they like it a certain way but I've also seen it done different ways amongst the Iwama folks and from conversations with some of them have come to the conclusion that there have been changes made. The version you mentioned on the link for instance is not exactly the version I learned.

I'm curious if you have a sense of what Saito has changed over the years?
I think it's just the normal deal of different students seeing different things.

For example, people have remarked that we do the suburi and kata "very aggressively" despite the fact that we intentionally use the 1987 videos as a baseline.

Also, my instructor learned the kumitachi and kumijo prior to the dissemination of the "start/stop" pedagogical method. We're just now adopting it.


Greg Jennings
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