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Re: Baseline skillset

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One of my instructors, a pro MMA guy who has opened my eyes up to totally new ways of training let me in on a secret.
He said, "Do privates."
Oh my gosh Kevin. A response to that is a small book. On many levels. Both in Traditional arts as well as MMA. If we read everything we can find, from many arts, and read the bios of the masters?
Where, and how, did they train?
Everyone is so caught up with "being" a martial artist-they forgot how.
I recenlty went to a few CMA seminars to see how they teach? It's the same crap.
Its all in the one-on-one
And training? In very small groups with guys who can kick ass and have no vested interest in shining you on whatsoever. Then find some guys who don't know you-and play.

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