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22 vs 31 jo kata

Originally posted by Mares
I was under the impression that O'Sensei left us with a jo kata. And inorder to help teach his students it was Saito Sensei who added the count in. I believe it was originally a 22 count jo kata, but overtime Saito Sensei found that his students learned it best as a 31 jo kata. I thought that was how it came about. Subsequently, I'd be interested to know if other styles of aikido adopt the 31 jo kata, or is it just an Iwama thing and perhaps Aikikai?

However, I could have my facts wong.
Actaully the 22 kata is a Tohei sensei thing and can be found in the book Aikido and the dynamic sphere (it was first written and published during the Tohei reign). The 31 kata is a Saito sensei thing and came from Iwama. Others do the 31 and if they are old school enough (there are two such Dojos here in Honolulu) also do the 22...most don't.

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