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not true

an attachment to Osensei is not a requirement for use of the term Aikido. Nor is an attachment to the Kodokan required for use of the term Judo. Your belief however strong is wrong even from a purely language POV. That's like saying that all iaido is seitei. The Aiki world is bigger than the Ueshiba-ha line that is fact. Though many english speakers have a thing about words and their possesion (especially when they come from another country) the same isn't as true for many generic japanese words (which aikido is).
BTW I wasn't refering to touchy feely flowing aikido when I said polishing the mirror (though maybe that's what that term has come to mean) I was refering to those who train in aikido for the betterment of self as opposed to those who train for the purpose of self defence. Me I'm of the second flavor, if I get the mirror polished in the process fine but that isn't my primary focus. I do beleive that mainstream Aikido has lost much of it's martial intent...whether that is good or bad is a matter of opinion.

As for me I have trained in enough Aikido dojos in this world (now over 30 in my travels) in my 8 years of aikido training to have seen a great deal of what aikido has to offer. Please don't think that because aikido isn't an art I presently train in that I don't know anything about it or that I haven't actually at least seen the Hombu Dojos. Open your mind.

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