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Bruce Baker
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Instructors budo lineage

I have one final note on this subject.

If someone does a type of something, then goes to have it catagorized for a library, or referenced, where would you put all the teachers who teach different forms of the art we call Aikido?

Should we rename the Art?

Or haven't we referred to other arts that do simular techniques, "... the same as Aikido."

Is Aikido a patented name that can only be used because someone pays money for the use of its name? Or should we be more concerned that the we are correctly learning and passing down the essence of this art so that the blurred lines of a story told a thousand times doesn't happen?

Can anyone truly say that every art of war/ or a soldiers with hand to hand defense arts has learned a pure art? That is where martial arts derives all of its necessity? Combat ... war ... killing? Taking what ever is required to succeed.

How many special martial arts trainers for law enforcement use a mix of Aikido, Jujitsu, and other blends of arts to train their students? Very rarely do you hear this technique come from Jujitsu, Aikido, etc?

Sooner or later, those who call their art something other than Aikido will be classified under the art?

It is kind of like the story of the dead General and the dead soldier, what is the difference?

It really doesn't matter to either of them, they are both dead.

So, isn't this really a moot point with sound and fury, having only meaning old people sitting around on a sunny day?

Please don't pick the sentences apart, Chuck. I only wanted to convey O'Sensei's spirit of sharing knowledge, love of the universe, and Aikido's synthesis of combat art to a safe effective art with hidden techniques with it?

Enjoy your practice, and look for more than meets the eye, everyone!
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