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Re: Re: Re: Back to the subject at hand

[quote]Originally posted by mle


Please, please, please. Do more research. That statement is just wrong. Point-by-point: I know of two extant, practicing systems calling themselves aikido who have tenuous conections at best to Ueshiba-ha aikido and both are recognized in budo circles as having legitimate use of the term 'aikido.'

Second, there are several systems of Daito Ryu or DR derivatives actively practicing an teaching aikijujutus today, and they have dojo all over the world.

Hi Chuck,

I really respect your opinion. However, this is something on which I'm afraid we'll disagree. My statement is not wrong, neither is yours. It's a matter of principle. I believe that a linear relation to Osensei is an essential condition to use the name Aikido. You might believe otherwise, and you're completely in your right to think so.

Edward, you really need to take those blinders off and get out more. I can point at a Yoshinkan godan in Toronato who is as smooth, flowing and graceful a ANYONE I've ever seen in aikikai dojo. I know a few folks in the ASU (a style noted for it's flowing, graceful, powerful aikido) who have been positively brutal. Otheres who have the ability and choose not to, too.

Aikido is bigger than the little slice of it you are appaently willing to allow into your worldview.

Yoshinkan basics are very mechanical, methodical, and to some look very stiff. I can tell you however, that the ultimate goal is the same as aikikai -- flow, grace, power, control. And there are folks in the Yosh world who do this very, very well.

Here I'm afraid you misunderstood me a little, since what you are saying to me is what I really believe, and I was trying to explain it to Tony Peters. I agree with you 100% on this matter.

hypocrit and do this for commercial reasons, trying to attract middle-aged money loaded customers. Training sucks at such dojos.

You're painting some might broad strokes there, Edward. I reiterate: you need to get around more.

Do you even realize how MUCH variation there is at aikikai hombu? How many different flavors of aikido you can get there? Talk to some of the folks on this board about the diversity there, then start looking at the many shihan worldwide who are each practicing and teaching their own flavor. More selections than Baskin Robbins ...

Chuck [/b]

Again I agree with you. Unfortunately, there are many flavors at Bakin Robbins that I don't like. Some of them are artificial, some are meant to draw customers, I prefer the genuine ones with natural ingredients and real flavor. Ice cream is not for every one. You have to be serious about it.

By the way, thanks for your recommendation about the teacher in Freiburg. I probably won't have the chance to visit there, but I'll keep it in mind.

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