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Re: I Need Aikido ?'s Answered PLEASE!

Arthur Capone wrote: View Post
IN other words... I know that Aikido is effective if someone grabs your wrist, grabs YOU (all the Aikido I have seen first starts off with the Aikidoist grabbing the wrist or arm; it's much easier to do this when someone grabs you first, keeps their hand near your face threateningly, etc.), but what about dealing with a fast puncher, someone who hauls off and punches fast, which is what most people I have known do in a street altercation (or move their hand quickly with a bottle or knife in it)? Am I making ANY sense?
If you've only seen grabbing techniques, you haven't watched enough aikido. What about the techniques designed for avoiding swords, which can be used in defense against attack with bottles? We do sometimes train with a tanto (wooden training knife), so there are specific techniques for knife attacks.
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