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Re: Wife joining husband in aikido class?

My fiance and i are 5th kyus in the same dojo, i started aikido originally because of him, but now i love it for aikido itself. Sometimes it can be harder to train with him that with others, but my main problem is not kissing him on the mats! Luckily he's not so seductive i can't resist! Sensei is (married?) to a blue belt he teaches as well. Training with a partner can be great, and it means you can learn off each other outside of the dojo (obviously throwing each other around in the living room could be dangerous). I know that sometimes my hand will remain in contact with my fiance a fraction longer than with others, and i know he does the same with me, but it is only a fraction and doesn't affect training. It's nice to train with someone you trust so much too.

You had a bad experience with a girl, but i doubt your wife would be the same. I find even when i go to training furious with Matthew, furious to the extent it shows on my face, by the time i get around to training with him, i've calmed down, aikido's worked it out of me and training together brings us close again. That alone is an odd concept, getting close again while throwing your partner or attempting yonkyo. You train with so many people on the mats your seperated from your partner enough for it not to disrupt training, while occasionally training together is fun and can become a valuable part of your relationship.
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