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Re: Back to the subject at hand

Originally posted by Tony Peters

Is it only Aikido if it comes from Ueshiba???

Yes. If not, it's called Aiki-Jujitsu or Aiki-Jutsu, and it's probably extinct over a century ago.

While Aikikai (and to some extent Tohei) aikido may be about polishing the mirror not all aikido is

This is the trap every one falls into. I have had the chance to practice with both Yoshinkan and Aikikai and see demonstrations by both. Aikikai is much more flowing, but in terms of brutality, power and efficiency, I think both styles leave nothing to be desired.

I think dojos of all styles who claim to adapt the training strength to the members abilities, say Aikido is for all, Aikido is love, and all other cliches are just being hypocrit and do this for commercial reasons, trying to attract middle-aged money loaded customers. Training sucks at such dojos.

Just go to practice at Aikikai Hombu dojo once and tell me if it was "polishing the mirror".

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