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Re: Cross Discipline Training

Not looked down upon where I come from. It is really your business what you do with your time I believe.

That said, when in an aikido dojo, do aikido.

Obviously your training in other styles will influence you, cause you to question things, and might cause you conflict from time to time. It will be apart of you for sure.

It is all apart of your personal growth and learning.

How you handle it, and how your instructor handles it is a personal relationship between the two of you.

How that plays out? It depends on many factors.

Both of you must have the maturity, patience, respect, and the skill to work through these issues without them being a distractor to everyone else and your respective dojos.

If it is disruptive and a distraction, well I would think both you and the instructor in aikido would know this, and would probably part ways at some point.

I don't think you should feel as if you cannot study other things, however, make sure always you know why you are studying what you are studying, and being honest with yourself, and your instructors who are taking the time to help you.

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