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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

--you enjoy cleaning the dojo bathroom
--you had to open another window with the AikiWiki just to get all the jokes in this thread
--and yes, the dreams!
--you're happy when your quads hurt too much to walk down the stairs
--you're happy when once again putting athletic tape over the mat sores that just don't want to heal
--you dream up funny aikido bumper stickers
--you troll Bu Jin Design in the middle of the night looking for bargains
--you consider reading this thread "part of your education"
--you want less and less to hang out with people who can't get a good Aikido joke
--your husband takes up Aikido partly to get you off his case
--your 5 yo helps you study for your 6th kyu test
--you find the bruises on your wrists amusing because (1) none of the perpetrators stayed standing and (2) the worst one was caused by the smallest, blondest aikidoka in the dojo
--you show up at the dojo with movies, snacks, and a portable heater, so your kids are content while you take class
--after 10 inches of snow, you decide "Snowkido" would make an excellent winter sport and seriously think about rounding up the aikidoka to give it a try.

OK, I'm out of the closet now!!
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