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Originally posted by Bruce Baker
I am sorry to find three or four particular people who have supposedly conquered the mechanic's of Aikido, achieved dan levels, and are experts in budo?
There are no experts in budo. There is always more to learn. I think most people understand that, and if someone claimed to be, s/he should go back to wearing a white belt, because s/he has learned nothing of value.

I would hate to tell Higitsuchi Michio Sensei 10th dan in Iwama that the spiritual control of Ki, pressure points and his scrolls from Morihei Ueshiba are so much trite? Would you?
I think a greater insult to your instructors and to your own intelligence would be to blindly follow something just because some shihan does. Take O'Sensei, for instance. He was an extremely eccentric man, who believed in many things that I don't. Does that mean that I don't respect him? No. He probably believed many things that his instructors didn't but it doesn't mean that he was insulting them. I am all for open-mindedness, but forcing your beliefs on others is, in my opinion, obnoxious and one of the most rude things that you could do.

Condescend if you wish,
And I wish you would stop condescending. It seems (and please correct me if you feel that I am wrong) that you have done nothing but speak in a tone of disdain since your first post on this forum. Those, like Chuck, who have spoken to you calmly and rationally, you have attacked. Please drop the "I am enlightened, everyone else is waist-high in nonage" act and maybe practice a little bit of that open-mindedness you seek from us. (And yes, I am being b**chy, but I can't hold it in all the time. )

Put aside your disbelief, and do what all good teachers do, search the world for knowledge.
And do what all good thinkers do, learn what you can, but don't believe everything you learn. That is what one would call "gullible."


P.S. You really like question marks, don't you?
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