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Bruce Baker
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Mechanic's of Aikido

I am sorry to find three or four particular people who have supposedly conquered the mechanic's of Aikido, achieved dan levels, and are experts in budo? Does that mean they have attained expertise in killing, soldiering, and hiring out as mercenary's too? That is the ultimate goal of learning mechanical aspects of Aikido? To continue learning the shadow of Japanese Budo until they have heaped higher and higher dan ranks until there is no other basis than years of training?

My apologies for the readers interpretation be anything other than thought provoking and an attempt to bring to light other avenues of knowledge that explain many of O'Sensei's observations of enlightenment?

I would hate to tell Higitsuchi Michio Sensei 10th dan in Iwama that the spiritual control of Ki, pressure points and his scrolls from Morihei Ueshiba are so much trite? Would you?

I am a fan of those who seek knowledge without recompense. About the fifth year of my training, I found that almost every teacher who taught martial arts taught what his/ her teacher taught him/her without being able to explain what they were doing, connection of kata to great fighting, or meridian knockout/dangers of pressure point activation?

Once you start ... not extended or years of training ... start to understand pressure points, then you see in Aikido the same knockouts you find in pressure points, without the violence, preserved with mechanical precision that works in its saved form!

Condescend if you wish, question with same mind I did as a beginner, but if your students should strike certain points and knock out another student, can you say you know how to revive a knockout? Can you say you know how to avoid internal organ damage from repitition of certain joints/ pressure points?

I am not so much concerned with ignorance, as a safety aspect that may have cause even O'Sensei periods of illness because his training did not touch on this aspect in his younger years of training?

Put aside your disbelief, and do what all good teachers do, search the world for knowledge.
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