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Re: Poll: How realistic is doing a physically effective aikido technique with only on

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Mr. Gardner, I haven't addressed you personally in a number of years. I have absolutely no idea how you might have any real, personal experience with my "USMC code of honor" that gives you a reason to bring something like that up in association with the question you asked. Some of my USMC "sensibilities", however, become hyper-sensitive when I read many of your posts. By the way, from my experience over the years reading your posts, I agree with and congratulate you that you made a very good decision when you didn't show up for an appointment to the Air Force Academy.

In answer to your question, yes, there are a number of similarities between USMC combat training and Aikiwaza.

I have never seen you in person and only know you from many old posts. I read on a seminar flier recently that you're a Marine. I was borderline obesessed with the military in general growing up, partially due to the fact that my dad was a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army and a Viet Nam vet. As for the specific Marine honor code, I know little about it other than it exists and that it serves a vital purpose to the betterment of this world. Thank you for your response.

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